Problems with 1-Wire Barometer !

First i must explain what i make and then what is my problem with my barometer !

  1. First I make barometer circuit from this site i make pcb in  when i got my PCB i began solder elements. I complete and that is picture on the right on page>
  2. Complete Barometer PCB Now must make 1-wire converter 1-wire to rs-232 and i use standart „1-wire pas1-wire Passive Adaptersive adapter „





    3. I make 1-Wire passive adapter

1-Wire Passive Adapter maded by me

4.  Now i ready to connect RJ-45 connector from 1-Wire passive adapter to 1-Wire Barometer and make my test ..

5.I connect 1-Wire adapter to 1-wire barometer and run „OneWireViewer“ (this without Power to Barometer )

6. All is Ok and „OneWireViewer“ don’t says anything errors when 1-Wire Barometer is not Powered,but when put Power

My Power Supply (Output is 13.9V 5A) Perfect filtered

In the Barometer „OneWireViewer“ start showing errors

and i start to wonder what happed here !??!! Where is the PROBLEM !

In my Pc ? In my 1-wire Passive Adapter or may be in 1-wire barometer ? or in my Power Supply ? Where !!! That is the question !?

VR1 = stabilizer 10V and his output voltage is 9.99V

VR1 10V Stabilizer = output 9.99V input 13.9V

VR2= stabilizer 5V and his output voltage is 4.92 !

VR2 5V stabilizer output is 4.92V input is 10V

Power is OK ! All voltages is in norm !

When 1-Wire adapter is connected to 1-Wire barometer output voltage on one wire cable is 5.88 and range is 5.7 to 6V (I don’t know why)

Connect to 1-wire Out ! Output Voltage 1-wire out ! 

And this is my multimeter my-68

My Digital Multimeter My-68


This is barometer when Powered

Barometer when power is ON !

That’s ALL !!! Sorry for bad quality of the pictures, but they maded with SonyEricsson K500i !

Thank’s to all who help ME !

Best Regards Mihail Peltekov




That’s ALL !



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